Health Act, 1953

Amendment of Health Services (Financial Provisions) Act, 1947.

72.—(1) In this section—

“the Act” means the Health Services (Financial Provisions) Act, 1947 ;

“standard expenditure”, “health service” and “net health expenditure” have the same meanings as in the Act.

(2) Where the boundary between the functional areas of two health authorities has been altered (whether before or after the commencement of this section), the Minister may adjust the sums which are the standard expenditures for the authorities—

(a) by such amounts as he considers proper in respect of the year in which the alteration has become operative, and

(b) by such amounts as he considers proper in respect of each subsequent year,

and the sums so adjusted shall, subject to any subsequent adjustment under this section or under section 3 of the Act become and be, in respect of the years to which they relate, the standard expenditures for the authorities.

(3) The Minister may, in respect of a particular year and for a particular body, fix a sum which shall be the maximum expenditure which may be included in respect of a health service or part of a health service in the calculation of the net health expenditure of that body in respect of that year.

(4) The Minister, to correct errors or omissions, may at any time amend a certificate of net health expenditure given by him under the Act.

(5) Where, with reference to the Act, any doubt, dispute or question arises, or, in the opinion of the Minister, is likely to arise as to—

(a) whether a particular item of expenditure or class of items of expenditure is or is not capital expenditure, or

(b) the year to which any item of expenditure or any receipt is to be attributed,

the doubt, dispute or question shall be decided by the Minister.