Merchant Shipping (Safety Convention) Act, 1952

Carriage of dangerous goods.

38.—(1) The Minister may make rules for regulating in the interests of safety the carriage of dangerous goods in ships to which this section applies.

(2) This section applies to—

(a) ships registered in the State, and

(b) other ships while they are within any port in the State, or are embarking or disembarking passengers within the territorial waters of the State, or are loading or discharging cargo or fuel within those waters.

(3) If any of the rules made in pursuance of this section is not complied with in relation to any ship, the owner or master of the ship shall be guilty of an offence under this section and shall be liable on conviction on indictment to a fine not exceeding three hundred pounds, or on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding one hundred pounds, and the ship shall be deemed for the purposes of Part V of the Principal Act to be unsafe by reason of improper loading.

(4) Any goods declared by the rules made under this section to be dangerous in their nature shall be deemed to be dangerous goods for the purposes of Part V of the Principal Act.