Merchant Shipping (Safety Convention) Act, 1952

Amendment of Principal Act.

13.—The following section is hereby substituted for section 431 of the Principal Act:—

“431. (1) A surveyor of ships may inspect any ship for the purpose of seeing that the rules for life-saving appliances have been complied with in every case, and for the purpose of any such inspection shall have all the powers of an inspector of the Department of Industry and Commerce under this Act.

(2) If the surveyor finds that the rules for life-saving appliances have not been complied with, he shall give written notice to the owner or master stating in what respect the said rules have not been complied with and what, in his opinion, is required to rectify the matter.

(3) Every notice so given shall be communicated in the manner directed by the Minister to the chief officer of customs of any port at which the ship may seek to obtain a clearance or transire, and a clearance or transire shall not be granted to the ship and the ship shall be detained until a certificate under the hand of a surveyor of ships is produced to the effect that the matter has been rectified.”