Adoption Act, 1952

Existing adoptions.

19.—(1) Where a person applies for an adoption order within the time limited by subsection (5) and satisfies the Board that he has had the child under his care from a date before the passing of this Act, the provisions of this section shall have effect.

(2) The adoption order may be made although the child was, at the date of the application, over seven years of age.

(3) If the child has been living with the applicant for at least three years and the Board is satisfied that the child's mother consented to his adopting the child as his own, the Board may dispense with her consent under section 14.

(4) The Board shall give due consideration to the wishes of the child having regard to his age and understanding.

(5) An application under this section shall be made within two years after the commencement of this Act or within such further period as the Board in any particular case may for reasonable cause allow.