Adoption Act, 1952

Hearing of applications.

16.—(1) The following persons and no other persons shall be entitled to be heard on an application for an adoption order—

(a) the applicants,

(b) the mother of the child,

(c) the guardian of the child,

(d) a person having charge of or control over the child,

(e) a relative of the child,

(f) a representative of a registered adoption society which is or has been at any time concerned with the child,

(g) a priest or minister of a religion recognised by the Constitution (or, in the case of any such religion which has no ministry, an authorised representative of the religion) where the child or a parent (whether alive or dead) is claimed to be or to have been of that religion,

(h) an officer of the Board,

(i) any other person whom the Board, in its discretion, decides to hear.

(2) A person who is entitled to be heard may be represented by counsel or solicitor.

(3) The Board may hear the application wholly or partly in private.

(4) Where the Board has notice of proceedings pending in any court of justice in regard to the custody of a child in respect of whom an application is before the Board, the Board shall make no order in the matter until the proceedings have been disposed of,