Housing (Amendment) Act, 1952

Grants to persons not in lower income class by housing authority.

11.—A housing authority may make, to or in respect of a person (other than a farmer or a person to whom a grant is made under section 10 of this Act) in respect of a house for which a relevant grant is made, a grant of an amount equal to 50 per cent. of the relevant grant, if

(a) he is, at the date of his application for a grant under this section, the occupier, on a monthly or lesser tenancy, of a dwelling provided by the housing authority or the commissioners of a town, or

(b) he is accepted by the authority as eligible for selection as a tenant of a dwelling provided, other than by virtue of section 31 or section 35 of this Act, by a housing authority under the Housing of the Working Classes Acts or the Labourers Acts.