Tourist Traffic Act, 1952


34.—(1) The functions of the Board shall be—

(a) to engage in any kind of publicity, both inside and outside the State, in connection with tourist traffic, including the advertising of the advantages and amenities of places in the State as holiday resorts;

(b) to prepare and publish guide books, itineraries, timetables and other publications for the information of tourists;

(c) to establish, equip and operate or assist in the operation of tourist information bureaux, or any similar form of agency in connection with tourist publicity, both inside and outside the State;

(d) to co-operate with other bodies in connection with tourist publicity.

(2) In the discharge of its functions under this Act, the Board shall ensure that tourist publicity is directed in accord with the policy of An Bord Fáilte on the development of tourist traffic in, and to, the State.