Social Welfare Act, 1952

Power to make further consequential and transitional provisions, etc.

69.—(1) Without prejudice to any specific power conferred by any of the three last foregoing sections, regulations may be made for facilitating their operation or the introduction of the system of insurance established by this Act, including, in particular, regulations providing—

(a) for modifying, as respects the period before the appointed day, any provisions of or made under any enactment repealed or amended by the foregoing provisions of this Part of this Act, or

(b) for making any savings or additional savings from the effect of any repeal or amendment effected by this Act.

(2) Any scheme for the provision of pensions or other benefits (excluding any scheme established by any enactment repealed by this Act but including any other scheme established by or under, or having statutory force by virtue of, any enactment and any scheme evidenced only by one or more policies of insurance) may be modified or wound-up in connection with the passing of this Act either—

(a) by agreement between the different parties concerned in such scheme, or

(b) in accordance with regulations made, after consideration of any representations that may be made by the different parties concerned in the scheme, by such Minister as may be determined by the Minister for Finance to be appropriate in relation to the scheme or, if the Minister for Finance determines that there is no appropriate Minister, by the Minister for Industry and Commerce.