Meath Hospital Act, 1951


1.—In this Act—

the expression “the Act of 1815” means the British statute passed in the year 1815, and entitled “An Act to amend several Acts for the management and direction of the Meath Hospital, or County of Dublin Infirmary, and for the better regulating the same”. (55 Geo. III, c. 1xxxi).

the expression “the appointed day” means the first Monday in the second month next after the month in which this Act is passed, or, if the said first Monday is a public holiday, the next following Tuesday;

the expression “the Dublin Corporation” means the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses of Dublin;

the expression “the Dublin County Council” means the council of the administrative county of Dublin;

the expression “election year” means any year being—

(a) the year in which the appointed day falls, or

(b) the year 1954, or

(c) any third successive year after the year 1954;

the expression “the first election year” means the year in which the appointed day falls;

the expression “the General Council” means the General Council of County Councils;

the expression “the Hospital” means the Meath Hospital or County of Dublin Infirmary;

the expression “the joint committee” means the joint committee of the Hospital;

the expression “the Medical Board” means the Medical Board constituted in accordance with section 3 of this Act;

the word “resign” means resignation from the joint committee.