Finance Act, 1951

Conversions under Government Loans (Conversion) Act, 1951.

6.—(1) In this section—

“the Act” means the Government Loans (Conversion) Act, 1951 ;

“Government loan”, “new loan”, “the redemption date” and “stockholder” have the same meanings respectively as they have in the Act.

(2) Where a holding, or part of a holding, of stock of a Government loan is converted under the Act and the stockholder is a person who is carrying on a trade which consists wholly or partly in dealing in securities, the stockholder shall, if he gives notice in writing to the inspector of taxes, not later than the end of the year of assessment next following the year of assessment in which the redemption date falls, that he desires to be so treated, be treated for the purposes of the Income Tax Acts as having changed his investment on the redemption date, but if he gives no such notice, he shall be for those purposes treated, both then and thereafter, as not having changed his investment, and in that case the produce of any subsequent realisation of the whole or any part of the holding of the new loan (which holding shall, for the purpose of this provision, be deemed to include any stock issued by way of bonus in respect of the conversion) together with any additional consideration, or the appropriate part of any additional consideration, received by him in connection with the conversion, shall be treated as the produce of the realisation of the whole or the appropriate part of the original holding.