Air Navigation and Transport Act, 1950


Sections 11 and 12 .

1. The lands comprised in Folio 15167 County Clare of the Register of Freeholders maintained under the Registration of Title Act, 1891.

2. The lands vested in the Minister by an order made on the 8th day of March, 1945, by the Minister in exercise of powers conferred by the Emergency Powers (No. 315) Order, 1944 (S. R. & O., No. 74 of 1944), which said lands are described in the first-mentioned Order as “All that portion of the former Monteagle Arms Hotel premises situate in the townland of Foynes, barony of Shanid and County of Limerick, being part of the lands registered in Folio 2910 of the Register County Limerick and comprised of (1) an open yard of 1927 square feet or thereabouts in area and buildings of 1431 square feet or thereabouts in floor area, as shown more particularly hatched blue on the annexed map and (2) an open yard of 1470 square feet or thereabouts in area as shown more particularly coloured pink on the said annexed map.”