Industrial Development Authority Act, 1950


4.—(1) The period of office of a member shall be fixed by the Minister when appointing him and shall not exceed five years.

(2) A person who is a member immediately before the expiration of the initial period for which he was appointed or any subsequent period for which he was re-appointed shall be eligible for re-appointment on terms not less favourable to him than those on which he was first appointed.

(3) The Minister may, by order, remove a member from office for stated misconduct or incapacity and shall lay any such order before each House of the Oireachtas.

(4) A member may resign his office by notice in writing to the Minister and the resignation shall take effect on the date on which the Minister receives the notice.

(5) The remuneration, terms of appointment and conditions of service of a member may be fixed by contract entered into with him by the Minister, acting with the approval of the Government.

(6) The members in the exercise of their duties shall be responsible to the Minister.

(7) A member shall devote to his duties the whole of his time or so much of his time as the Minister may from time to time direct.

(8) The Civil Service Regulation Acts, 1924 and 1926, shall not apply to the office of member.

(9) (a) Where a member of the Authority becomes a member of either House of the Oireachtas, he shall, upon his becoming entitled, under the Standing Orders of that House, to sit therein, cease to be a member of the Authority.

(b) A person who is for the time being entitled under the Standing Orders of either House of the Oireachtas to sit therein, shall be disqualified from being a member of the Authority.

(10) No person shall be appointed to be a member unless he is ordinarily resident in the State.

(11) No member shall disclose any information obtained by him in the exercise of his functions under this Act as to the private affairs of any person or business except in the course of a report of the Authority to the Minister.

(12) Where a member has any financial interest directly or indirectly in any industrial undertaking, he shall before exercising any functions as a member declare the nature of such interest to the Minister and shall comply with such directions as the Minister may give him in regard to it.

(13) A member shall be disqualified from holding and shall cease to hold office if he is adjudged bankrupt, or makes a composition or arrangement with his creditors, or is sentenced by a court of competent jurisdiction to suffer imprisonment or penal servitude, or ceases to be ordinarily resident in the State.