Nurses Act, 1950



The register of nurses.

41.—(1) The Board shall, in accordance with rules, maintain a register of nurses which shall be divided into the divisions specified in such rules and such divisions shall include a division applicable to midwives.

(2) Any reference in this Act to the register of nurses shall, unless the context otherwise requires, be deemed to include a reference to any division of the register and the words “registered” and “registration” shall be construed accordingly.

(3) The Board shall publish the register of nurses or any division or divisions thereof at such times and in such manner as the Minister may direct.

(4) Any change in the name or address of a nurse shall be notified to the Board by the nurse.

(5) The Board shall take such steps as they may consider necessary from time to time to ensure that the names and addresses of persons registered in the register of nurses are accurate.