Housing (Amendment) Act, 1950


Housing of the Working Classes.

Transfer of labourers' cottages, etc., to urban authority on change of boundaries.

22.—(1) Where land held by a local authority for the purposes of the Labourers Acts becomes or became part of an urban area, the following provisions shall have effect—

(a) the land may, subject to subsection (2) of this section, be transferred to the urban authority upon such terms as may be agreed between the two authorities;

(b) upon such transfer, or in the case of land transferred before the passing of this Act, upon such passing, the land shall be held by the urban authority for the purposes and subject to the provisions of the Housing of the Working Classes Acts and not of the Labourers Acts.

(2) Where a local authority propose to transfer a cottage under subsection (1) of this section to an urban authority, the following provisions shall have effect—

(a) the cottage shall not be so transferred until twelve months have elapsed since the cottage has come within the urban area;

(b) as soon as may be after the cottage has come within the urban area, the said local authority shall cause the tenant to be informed of his right, if any, to purchase the cottage under the Labourers Act, 1936 (No. 24 of 1936).

(3) In this section—

the expression “urban area” means a county or other borough or urban district;

the expression “urban authority” means, in relation to an urban area, the housing authority for the area.