Transport Act, 1950


Cesser of Train Services and Release from Obligations to Keep Certain Canals Open for Navigation.

Interpretation of Part VIII.

53.—In this Part—

the expression “exemption order” means an order under section 55 being either—

(a) an order exempting the Board from the obligation to operate a service of trains for (as may be specified in the order) passengers and merchandise or either of them over any specified railway line, or

(b) an order exempting the Board from the obligation to restore any service of trains over a specified railway line, being a service which was temporarily discontinued under the Emergency Powers (Córas Iompair Éireann) (Reduction of Railway Services) Order, 1944 (S. R. & O., No. 354 of 1944);

the expression “interested party” means any body of persons;

the word “obligation” means any obligation whether statutory, contractual or otherwise imposed;

the expression “railway line” includes a section of railway line;

the expression “the Tribunal” means the Transport Tribunal established by section 54.