S.I. No. 276/1949 - Aliens Order, 1949.

S.I. No. 276 of 1949.


I, SEÁN MAC EOIN, Minister for Justice, in exercise of the powers conferred on me by section 5 of the Aliens Act, 1935 (No. 14 of 1935), hereby order as follows—

1.—This Order may be cited as the Aliens Order, 1949.

2.—The Interpretation Act, 1937 (No. 38 of 1937), applies to this Order.

3.—(1) In this Article, the expression " the Chief Superintendent " means the Chief Superintendent of the Gárda Síochána for the Division of Cork East Riding.

(2) No alien who arrived at the Port of Cobh on the 30th day of September, 1949, on the ship " Victory " shall leave the State without the permission of the Chief Superintendent.

(3) For the purposes of enforcing paragraph (2) of this Article, any member of the Gárda Síochána or of the Defence Forces may, if so requested by the Chief Superintendent, remove from the said ship " Victory " any part of its machinery which the Chief Superintendent specifies in the request.

GIVEN under my Official Seal, this 19th day of October, 1949.


Minister for Justice.