Land Reclamation Act, 1949

Power of Minister to carry out works and occupier's contribution towards cost.

2.—(1) The Minister may, at the request of the occupier of land, carry out works on the land and do all things necessary for this purpose.

(2) Whenever the Minister proposes to carry out works on any land, he shall inform the occupier of the nature and extent of the proposed works and the amount of the occupier's contribution towards the cost of carrying them out.

(3) Where the occupier of land accepts the Minister's proposal, the Minister shall notify the Land Commission forthwith in the prescribed form and the Land Commission shall, except in the case of unregistered land subject to a purchase annuity or land held under a temporary agreement with the Land Commission, or land of which the Land Commission is the registered owner, transmit the notification to the Land Registry or the Registry of Deeds (as the case may require) for registration and no fee or other payment shall be required for registration.

(4) (a) Unless the occupier, in accepting the Minister's proposal, informs the Minister that he wishes to pay his contribution by means of an annuity, the contribution shall become due and payable to the Minister by the occupier for the time being on the date upon which the Minister certifies that the works have been completed.

(b) If the contribution is not paid within three months after it has become due and payable, the Minister shall notify the Land Commission of the default.