Health Services (Financial Provisions) Act, 1947


1.—In this Act—

the expression “health authority” has the same meaning as in the Principal Act;

the expression “health service” means any service relating to the protection or improvement of the health of the people and the care and treatment of the sick and infirm, administered by local authorities;

the expression “joint authority” means any body, being—

(a) a joint mental hospital board, or

(b) a board of assistance, or

(c) a board of public assistance, or

(d) a joint committee of management under the Tuberculosis Acts, 1908 to 1945, or

(e) the Dublin Fever Hospital Board, or

(f) the board to be established under section 13 of the Cork Fever Hospital Act, 1935 (No. 44 of 1935), or

(g) any joint body to be established under section 101 of the Principal Act;

the expression “the Minister” means the Minister for Health;

the expression “minor receipts” means—

(a) payments by paying patients,

(b) payments in respect of services rendered,

(c) the proceeds arising from the sale of farm, garden and other produce, offals and stores,

(d) fees in respect of licences, registrations and certificates,

(e) sums received in respect of law costs,

(f) rents of residences,

(g) fees received by officers and payable by them to health authorities, sanitary authorities, or joint authorities,

(h) such other receipts as the Minister, having regard to the nature thereof, declares should be treated as minor receipts;

the expression “net health expenditure”, when used in relation to a particular body and in respect of a particular year, means that part of the expenditure (other than capital expenditure and expenditure on loan charges) in respect of that year of that body certified by the Minister to have been properly incurred on recognised health services which is not met by—

(a) if that year is the standard year, State (1947-48) grants and minor receipts, and

(b) if that year is not the standard year, minor receipts;

the expression “the Principal Act” means the Health Act, 1947 (No. 28 of 1947);

the expression “recognised health service” means any health service which, by virtue of section 2 of this Act, is for the time being a recognised health service;

the expression “standard expenditure” when used in relation to a health authority and in respect of a particular year, means the sum which is, by virtue of section 3 of this Act, the standard expenditure for that health authority in respect of that year;

the expression “the standard year” means the year ending on the 31st day of March, 1948;

the expression “State (1947-48) grants” means—

(a) moneys provided by the Oireachtas in respect of the standard year for the salaries and expenses of the office of the Minister, and

(b) moneys payable out of the Local Taxation Account in respect of the standard year, other than moneys payable in respect of the agricultural grant within the meaning of the Rates on Agricultural Land (Relief) Acts, 1939 and 1946;

the word “year” means a local financial year;

the expression “the year 1948-49” means the year ending on the 31st day of March, 1949.