Merchant Shipping Act, 1947

Recognition of certificates of competency.

7.—(1) Where the Government of another State provide for the holding of examinations for the grant of certificates of competency as masters, mates or engineers on board ship or as skippers or second hands on board fishing boats and the Minister is satisfied that the certificates so granted are granted on such principles as to show qualifications of competency which are adequate qualifications for service in Irish ships, the Government may by order provide that certificates so granted shall be of the same force within the State as if they had been granted by the Minister under Part II or section 414 (as the case may be) of the Principal Act, and such certificates shall have effect within the State and shall be liable, as respects their effect within the State, to suspension or cancellation accordingly.

(2) Where a certificate is suspended or cancelled by virtue of this section, it shall, if it is not in the possession of the Minister, be delivered by the holder to the Minister, and the Minister shall return any certificate so suspended or cancelled to the authority by whom it was issued together with a report on the circumstances of the suspension or cancellation.

(3) The Government may by order amend or revoke any order previously made under this section.