Harbours Act, 1947

Amendment of section 151 of the Principal Act.

8.—There shall be inserted in section 151 of the Principal Act the following subsection—

“(12) (a) A superannuation scheme may, subject to the consent of the Minister given after consultation with the Minister for Local Government, prescribe the conditions under which persons to whom the scheme applies may be allowed to reckon for the purposes of such scheme pensionable local service rendered before appointment to the staff of a harbour authority and may prescribe the nature of the pensionable local service and the amount thereof which may be so reckoned and the extent to which and the manner in which such pensionable local service may be so reckoned, and may prescribe that the body under which the pensionable local service was performed shall refund to the harbour authority part or parts of the annual allowance or gratuity in the manner and to the extent prescribed in the scheme.

(b) For the purposes of this subsection—

the expression ‘local authority’ shall have the meaning assigned to it in a superannuation scheme;

the expression ‘pensionable local service’ means service which by virtue of a person's employment under a local authority is reckonable for superannuation purposes under the enactments in force relating to persons in the employment of local authorities at the date on which such person ceased to serve under a local authority.”