Live Stock (Artificial Insemination) Act, 1947

Powers of authorised officers.

8.—(1) An authorised officer may enter at all reasonable times—

(a) premises occupied by the holder of a licence and used for or in connection with any of the purposes authorised by the licence,

(b) premises at which artificial insemination of animals to which this Act applies is practised,

(c) premises on which, or in connection with which, he has reasonable grounds for suspecting that a contravention of this Act is being or has been committed.

(2) An authorised officer may inspect premises to which sub section (1) of this section relates and animals and articles thereon and carry out such tests or other investigations as he thinks fit in order to ascertain if this Act and the regulations under it, and the conditions of any licence, are being complied with, and may, for the purposes of any such test or investigation, require the occupier of the premises to give such facilities, assistance and information as it is in his power to give.

(3) The holder of a licence shall, at the request of an authorised officer, produce his licence for inspection by that officer.