Harbours Act, 1946

Chapter III.

Provisions in Relation to Goods and Documents of Title to Goods.

Survey and examination of goods before they are unshipped.

76.—(1) A harbour authority may, on the request (accompanied by payment of such fee as the harbour authority think proper) of the master of a vessel which is within the limits of the harbour of the harbour authority, and which is about to land goods, or on the request (so accompanied) of the owner or consignee of such goods, appoint a person to survey and examine such goods before they are unshipped, to inquire into the cause of any damage to such goods existing before they are unshipped, and to make a written report to the harbour authority of such survey, examination and inquiry.

(2) The owner and the consignee of goods in respect of which a report has been made to a harbour authority under this section and the master of the vessel concerned shall each be entitled to obtain on demand from the harbour authority a copy of the report.