Harbours Act, 1946

Temporary provision with respect to membership of certain harbour authorities.

5.—The following provisions shall, notwithstanding anything contained in any other section of this Act or in any other enactment, have effect in relation to a harbour authority (not being a local authority) during the period beginning on the day of the passing of this Act and ending on the day before the second Thursday in the month of October in the year appointed under section 6 of this Act in respect of the harbour authority:

(a) subject to paragraph (b) of this section, the harbour authority shall consist of the persons acting as members thereof immediately before the passing of this Act;

(b) whenever any of the said persons dies or resigns, the vacancy occasioned thereby shall be filled by the remainder of the said persons co-opting a person to fill the vacancy;

(c) if any provisions contained in sections 37 to 52 and section 55 of the Commissioners Clauses Act, 1847, applied in relation to the harbour authority immediately before the passing of this Act, those provisions, subject to any variations which may have been made in them by the enactment by virtue of which they so applied, shall continue to apply in relation to the harbour authority.