Harbours Act, 1946


23.—(1) A harbour authority may from time to time appoint such and so many committees as they think fit for purposes connected with the exercise or performance of such of their powers, duties and functions as would, in the opinion of the harbour authority, be better or more conveniently regulated or managed by or through a committee.

(2) A committee appointed under this section shall consist of not less than three members of the harbour authority appointing the committee.

(3) The acts of a committee appointed under this section shall be subject to the confirmation of the harbour authority by whom the committee were appointed, save that such harbour authority may, with the sanction of the Minister, empower any particular committee to do any act (including the institution of legal proceedings) within the authority conferred on the committee by such harbour authority which such harbour authority could themselves lawfully do.

(4) The quorum, procedure and place of meeting of a committee appointed under this section shall be such as may be appointed by regulations to be made by the harbour authority by which the committee is appointed.