Harbours Act, 1946

Abolition of cocket and entry tax at Cork Harbour.

183.—(1) In this section the expression “the Company” means the body corporate known as the Commercial Buildings Company of Cork.

(2) The Minister may, if he so thinks fit, by order declare that, on and from a specified day,—

(a) the rates and duties, chargeable under the British statute passed in the year 1814 and entitled an Act to raise a fund for defraying the charge of commercial improvements, within the city and port of Cork, in Ireland, shall cease to be charged, and

(b) any obligations of the Company (whether acquired under charter, or by statute or otherwise) whereof the said rates and duties or any part thereof were in consideration shall cease.

(3) The order under this section may contain such supplemental and ancillary provisions as the Minister thinks proper, including provision for the payment by the Cork Harbour Commissioners to the Company of such sum as the Minister thinks proper towards compensating the Company for loss sustained by them owing to the operation of the order.

(4) An order under this section shall have the force of law in accordance with its terms.