Harbours Act, 1946

Obligations in respect of proposal for illegal payment, etc.

174.—(1) Whenever a proposal made at a meeting of a harbour authority would cause an illegal payment to be made out of the funds of the harbour authority or would be likely to result in a deficiency or loss in or to such funds, it shall be the duty of (as the case may be) the General Manager or the secretary (or, where such manager or secretary is not present, of the officer of the harbour authority present on his behalf) to make objection to the proposal and to state the grounds of the objection.

(2) Whenever an objection is made under this section to a proposal made at a meeting of a harbour authority, there shall be entered on the minutes of the meeting—

(a) a record of the objection having been made,

(b) the grounds of the objection, and

(c) where a decision is taken on the proposal, a statement in respect of each member of the harbour authority present as to whether he voted for the proposal, against the proposal, or abstained from voting.