Harbours Act, 1946

Payments for reception of certain persons, etc.

167.—(1) A harbour authority may as part of their working and establishment expenses make reasonable payments for or in connection with—

(a) the reception of and extending of hospitality to members, directors or officers of other port or harbour authorities or of any public authority or body or any company having interests of a professional or business character similar to the interests of the harbour authority or with whom the harbour authority have or contemplate having professional or business relations, and

(b) visits by way of official courtesy by or on behalf of the harbour authority to any such authority, body or company as aforesaid,

including payments for travelling expenses and other expenses reasonably incurred by or on behalf of any member or officer of the harbour authority in connection with any of the matters aforesaid.

(2) The total amount which a harbour authority pay under this section in any period shall not exceed the amount sanctioned for the time being in respect of the harbour authority by the Minister for that period.