Harbours Act, 1946

Ascertainment of rates payable.

114.—(1) The collector of rates of a harbour authority may enter a vessel within the limits of the harbour of the harbour authority in order to ascertain the rates payable in respect of the vessel or in respect of any goods therein.

(2) If a dispute should arise between a collector of rates and the master of any vessel or the owner of any goods concerning the weight or quantity of any goods in respect of which rates are payable, the collector of rates may cause the goods to be weighed or measured and for that purpose may detain the vessel containing the goods.

(3) Where any goods are weighed or measured in pursuance of subsection (2) of this section, the following provisions shall have effect in relation to the expenses of the weighing or measuring:

(a) if the weight or quantity of the goods be greater than that shown by the documents or the account or statement thereof delivered in pursuance of the provisions of this Chapter of this Part of this Act, such expenses shall be paid to the harbour authority and shall be recoverable as if they were in respect of goods rates charged on the goods,

(b) if the weight or quantity of the goods be the same or less than that shown by such documents, account or statement, such expenses, and any other expenses occasioned by the weighing or measuring or by the detention of the vessel for that purpose, shall be paid by the harbour authority.