Harbours Act, 1946

Application for harbour rates order.

105.—(1) A harbour authority may apply to the Minister for a harbour rates order in respect of their harbour.

(2) An application for a harbour rates order shall be in the prescribed form and shall contain the prescribed particulars.

(3) A harbour authority applying under this section for a harbour rates order shall, when required by the Minister so to do, furnish to the Minister such further particulars as he may require for the consideration of the application.

(4) The Minister may require any statement made in an application for a harbour rates order or made to the Minister in response to a request for particulars under subsection (3) of this section, to be verified in such manner as the Minister may require by some person having personal knowledge of the statement.

(5) If a harbour authority fail to furnish any particulars or any verification which they are required by the Minister under this section to furnish, the Minister may, on the ground of such failure and without prejudice to his discretion to make or refuse to make a harbour rates order, refuse the application in relation to which the particulars or verification were so required.