Rent Restrictions Act, 1946

Exercise of jurisdiction of Court.

55.—(1) The jurisdiction and powers conferred on the Court by this Act may be exercised—

(a) by the Circuit Court, or

(b) where the rateable valuation of the relevant premises does not exceed £10, or if the parties consent in writing to such exercise, by the District Court.

(2) The Minister may from time to time nominate one or more of the District Justices for the time being assigned to the Dublin Metropolitan District as the Justice or Justices who shall have sole jurisdiction in that District in all cases, within the jurisdiction of the District Court, arising under this Act, and all such cases shall be referred to the Justice or one of the Justices so nominated.

(3) A nomination under subsection (2) of this section may be withdrawn at any time by the Minister.

(4) No appeal shall lie from the decision of the Circuit Court as to any apportionment of rent or rateable valuation.