Rent Restrictions Act, 1946

Powers of the Court generally.

54.—(1) Where, for the purpose of determining the rateable valuation of premises which are alleged to be controlled premises, it is necessary to apportion the rateable valuation of the property in which the premises are comprised, the Court may, on the application of either party, make such apportionment as it thinks proper.

(2) Where premises are let or were let at the date in relation to which the basic rent is to be fixed, at a rent which includes or included payment for board, attendance or the use of furniture, the Court may for any of the purposes of this Act make such apportionment as it thinks proper.

(3) On the hearing of an action for the recovery of possession of controlled premises or for the recovery of any rent claimed to be due by a landlord or any sum claimed to be recoverable by a tenant in respect of controlled premises, the Court may on the application of either party at such hearing determine any matter arising under this Act which can in the opinion of the Court be conveniently determined on such hearing.

(4) The Court shall, if satisfied that any error or omission in a notice served under section 20 of this Act is due to a bona fide mistake on the part of the party serving it, have power to amend the notice by correcting any errors and supplying any omissions therein, whether or not such errors or omissions, if not corrected or supplied, would render the notice invalid, on such terms and conditions as appear to the Court to be proper and, if the Court so directs, the notice as so amended shall have effect and be deemed to have had effect as a valid notice under the said section 20.

(5) In addition to the powers specifically conferred on the Court by this Act the Court may deal with any matter arising under this Act whether a dispute has or has not arisen in relation to that matter.