Rent Restrictions Act, 1946

Repeals and adaptation of references to repealed Acts.

5.—(1) The enactments mentioned in the Schedule to this Act are hereby repealed to the extent specified in the third column of that Schedule.

(2) The repeal, effected by subsection (1) of this section, of the proviso to paragraph (b) of subsection (1) of section 2 of the Act of 1923 shall have effect as from the date of the passing of the Act of 1923 but such repeal shall not—

(a) entitle a landlord to recover from a tenant any sums which have been recovered from the landlord before the 1st day of October, 1945, by means of a deduction from rent or otherwise or any rent which has not been paid by reason of such deductions having been made therefrom, or

(b) affect the right to enforce any judgment of a court of competent jurisdiction given before the 1st day of October, 1945, or render recoverable any sum paid under such judgment.

(3) References in any Act to the Increase of Rent and Mortgage Interest (Restrictions) Acts, 1923 to 1930, or to any of those Acts shall be construed as references to this Act.