Local Government Act, 1946

Changing of name of street.

78.—(1) The appropriate authority may, with the consent of not less than four-sevenths of the ratepayers in a street, change the name of the street.

(2) The power conferred by subsection (1) of this section shall be a reserved function.

(3) The Minister may make regulations prescribing the procedure to be followed by the appropriate authority in ascertaining for the purposes of this section whether not less than four-sevenths of the ratepayers in a street consent to the name of the street being changed.

(4) The appropriate authority may cause the name of a street to be displayed on a conspicuous part of any convenient building or other erection.

(5) In this section—

the word “street” includes part of a street and also the whole or part of any road, square, lane or other public place;

the expression “the appropriate authority” means—

(a) as respects a street in a county or other borough, the corporation of the borough,

(b) as respects a street in an urban district, the council of the urban district,

(c) as respects a street in a town, the commissioners of the town, and

(d) as respects any other street, the council of the county in which the street is situate.