Courts of Justice (District Court) Act, 1946

Judicial inquiry into health or conduct of Justices.

21.—Whenever the Minister requests the Chief Justice to appoint a Judge to—

(a) investigate the condition of health, either physical or mental, of a Justice, or

(b) to inquire into the conduct (whether in the execution of his office or otherwise) of a Justice, either generally or on a particular occasion,

and, in either case, with particular reference to such matters as may be mentioned in the request, the following provisions shall have effect, that is to say—

(i) the Chief Justice shall appoint either a Judge of the Supreme Court or, with the consent of the President of the High Court, a Judge of the High Court to conduct the investigation or inquiry;

(ii) the Judge so appointed may conduct the investigation or inquiry in such manner as he thinks proper, whether by examination of witnesses or otherwise, and in particular may conduct any proceedings in camera, and for this purpose shall have all such powers, rights and privileges as are vested in a Judge of the High Court on the occasion of an action;

(iii) upon conclusion of the investigation or inquiry, the said Judge shall report the result thereof to the Minister.