Superannuation Act, 1946

Amendment of section 1 of Superannuation Act, 1887.

2.—Section 1 of the Act of 1887 shall, in relation to persons injured on or after the 3rd day of September, 1939, have effect—

(a) as if in subsection (1) thereof—

(i) there were substituted for the words “or if he dies from the injury” the words “and, if within seven years after the date of the injury, he dies as a direct result thereof”,

(ii) there were substituted for the reference to the widow of a person injured, in a case where that person is a female, a reference to her widowed husband, and

(iii) there were substituted for the words “to his children, or to any of them” the words “to or in respect of his children, or any of them”, and

(iv) the word “children” included illegitimate children and step-children and children in relation to whom the injured person was in loco parentis at the date of the injury;

(b) as if for subsection (3) thereof there were substituted the following subsection—

“(3) (a) Any allowance granted under this section to an injured person shall not, together with any superannuation allowance for which he is otherwise qualified, exceed five sixths of the annual salary and emoluments of the office held by him at the date of the injury.

(b) In this subsection the expression ‘superannuation allowance’ includes, in relation to any person, an annual compensation or retiring allowance under the Superannuation Acts, 1834 to 1946, and the annuity value (calculated in such manner as the Minister directs) of any additional allowance under these Acts.”.