Turf Development Act, 1946

Provisions in relation to appointment, terms of office, service and remuneration of members of the Board.

9.—(1) The members of the Board shall be appointed by the Government from time to time as occasion requires.

(2) (a) Every person appointed to be a member of the Board shall, unless he sooner dies, is removed from office, resigns or becomes disqualified, hold office for such period (not exceeding five years) as shall be fixed by the Government when appointing him,

(b) A member of the Board whose term of office expires by effluxion of time shall be eligible for re-appointment.

(3) Each member of the Board shall hold office on such terms (other than the payment of remuneration and allowances for expenses) as shall be fixed by the Government at the time of his appointment.

(4) Every member of the Board shall be paid out of funds at the disposal of the Board such remuneration and such allowances for expenses as shall be determined by the Minister with the consent of the Minister for Finance.