Turf Development Act, 1946

Power of Board to purchase land from the Irish Land Commission.

37.—(1) The Board may purchase from the Irish Land Commission any land, vested in the Irish Land Commission, which is required by the Board for the exercise or performance of all or any of its functions.

(2) The following provisions shall have effect in respect of every purchase of land under this section:—

(a) such land shall be so purchased at such price and upon such other terms and conditions as shall be agreed upon by the Board and the Irish Land Commission, subject to the restriction that in assessing such price no regard shall be had to, nor any enhancement of price allowed for, any improvements executed on such land with moneys paid or advanced out of the Central Fund or out of moneys provided by the Oireachtas;

(b) such land shall be conveyed to or vested in the Board by the Irish Land Commission;

(c) the price to be paid by the Board to the Irish Land Commission shall be provided and paid by the Board;

(d) the Board shall defray all the costs and expenses of the Board and the Irish Land Commission of or incidental to such purchase.

(3) In this section (except this subsection) the word “land” includes any easement, profit-a-prendre, or other right over or in relation to any land, and the power of purchase conferred by this section shall extend to the purchase of any such right whether in conjunction with or apart from the purchase of land.