Turf Development Act, 1946


Duties and Powers of the Board.

Chapter I.

Duties of the Board.

General duties of the Board.

17.—(1) It shall be the duty of the Board—

(a) to produce and market turf and turf products, and

(b) to foster the production and use of turf and turf products, and

(c) to acquire bogs and other lands, and

(d) to manage, develop and work bogs and other lands vested in the Board, and

(e) generally to do all such other things as arise out of, or are consequential upon, the duties mentioned in the preceding paragraphs of this section.

(2) In case the Board in the performance of the duties referred to in paragraph (d) of subsection (1) of this section, interferes, without complying with the provisions of section 31 of this Act, with any land or any easement, wayleave, waterright or other right existing over or in respect of any land or water, the person having estates or interests therein, or the owner thereof, may maintain an action for damages against the Board as if the Board were not acting pursuant to a statute.