Turf Development Act, 1946

Officers and servants of the Board.

15.—(1) The Board shall appoint such and so many officers and servants as the Board from time to time think proper.

(2) The Board may at any time remove any officer or servant of the Board from being such officer or servant.

(3) There shall be paid by the Board to its officers and servants out of funds at its disposal such remuneration and allowances as the Board shall determine.

(4) The Board may, if it thinks fit, for the purposes of an appointment under subsection (1) of this section request the Local Appointments Commissioners to recommend to it a person for that appointment, and the said Commissioners on receiving that request shall select and recommend to the Board one person for that appointment, and the Board on receiving from the said Commissioners such recommendation shall appoint to such situation the person so recommended.

(5) The Board shall pay to the Local Appointments Commissioners out of funds at its disposal such expenses in respect of the selection and recommendation by the said Commissioners of persons under subsection (4) of this section, as shall be fixed by agreement between the Board and the said Commissioners with the consent of the Minister for Finance or, in default of agreement, by the said Minister.