Arterial Drainage Act, 1945

Confirmation of drainage scheme by the Minister.

7.—(1) When all the times limited by the foregoing provisions of this Act for the sending to the Commissioners of observations by councils of counties in regard to a drainage scheme and for the sending to the Commissioners of observations by persons on whom a notice has been served in pursuance of the next preceding section have expired, the Commissioners shall do the following things, that is to say:—

(a) consider every such observation sent to them within the time appropriate thereto, and

(b) after consultation with the Minister for Industry and Commerce, the Minister for Agriculture, the Minister for Local Government and Public Health, and such other (if any) Minister of State as they shall think proper, make such, if any, alterations (whether by addition, omission, or variation) in the drainage scheme as they shall think proper, and

(c) submit the drainage scheme as so altered (if at all) to the Minister.

(2) When a drainage scheme has been submitted to the Minister in pursuance of this section, the Minister shall do whichever of the following things shall appear to him to be proper, that is to say, make an order confirming such scheme, or refuse to confirm such scheme, or refer such scheme back to the Commissioners for revision in specified respects and subsequent re-submission to the Minister under this section.