Arterial Drainage Act, 1945

Provisions in respect of the drainage schemes in the Third Schedule.

56.—The following provisions shall apply and have effect in relation to the several drainage schemes specified in the Third Schedule to this Act (being drainage schemes prepared under the Arterial Drainage Act, 1925 (No. 33 of 1925), but not fully completed before the passing of this Act), that is to say:—

(a) the said drainage schemes shall not be completed and no further steps shall be taken in regard thereto;

(b) notwithstanding anything contained in sub-section (4) of section 6 of the said Arterial Drainage Act, 1925 , the expenses mentioned in that sub-section incurred by the Commissioners in relation to the said drainage schemes respectively shall be defrayed wholly out of moneys provided by the Oireachtas, and accordingly the several county councils concerned shall be and are hereby relieved from the obligation imposed on them respectively by the said sub-section to defray one-third of the said expenses.