Mental Treatment Act, 1945

Inspection of Dundrum Central Criminal Lunatic Asylum.

248.—(1) The Inspector of Mental Hospitals may, whenever and so often as he thinks fit and at any time during the day or night, visit and inspect the Dundrum Central Criminal Lunatic Asylum (in this section referred to as the Asylum).

(2) The Inspector of Mental Hospitals shall visit and inspect the Asylum at least once in each half-year.

(3) The Inspector of Mental Hospitals shall investigate any complaint in regard to the administration of the Asylum or the treatment of any inmate thereof.

(4) Where any charge against an officer or servant of the Asylum is proved on an investigation by the Inspector of Mental Hospitals, the Inspector may, if he so thinks fit, suspend the officer or servant from the discharge of his duties and report the matter to the Minister.

(5) The Inspector of Mental Hospitals shall from time to time prescribe the dietary scale for the inmates of the Asylum, but the resident physician and governor of the Asylum (or, in his absence, the assistant medical officer) may prescribe such extras as he may deem necessary in particular cases.

(6) Where an inmate of the Asylum recovers, the Inspector of Mental Hospitals shall give the Minister for Justice particulars of the name of the inmate, of the offence in connection with which he was convicted or charged, and of his general character and conduct.

(7) The Inspector shall, in respect of each year, make to the Minister a report on the Asylum and shall include in the report a general account relating to such year of the administration of the Asylum and of the care, welfare, and treatment of the inmates thereof.

(8) Every report under sub-section (7) of this section shall be laid before each House of the Oireachtas.