Mental Treatment Act, 1945

Liability to contribute to cost of mental hospital assistance.

232.—Where a mental hospital authority give mental hospital assistance to any person (in this section referred to as the patient), the following provisions shall have effect:—

(a) every person who is liable to maintain the patient shall be liable to contribute according to his ability to the cost of the assistance;

(b) the authority may apply to the District Court, on notice to any of the persons liable to maintain the patient, for an order for the contribution by that person to the cost of the assistance;

(c) where, on an application to the District Court for an order under this section, the Court is satisfied that the person against whom the order is sought is, at the time of the hearing of the application, able to contribute to the cost of the assistance, the Court shall fix the amount of the contribution to be made by him and shall order the making by him to the authority of the contribution so fixed either in one sum or by such weekly or monthly instalments as the Court thinks proper;

(d) an order by the District Court under this section for payment to the authority shall be enforceable in the like manner and by the like means as an order by the District Court for the payment of a sum of money in a civil case is enforceable;

(e) the authority shall not recover by means of applications under this section to the District Court a greater amount than the cost of the assistance or, where a contribution has been made in pursuance of this section, a greater amount than the difference between the contribution and the cost of the assistance.