Racing Board and Racecourses Act, 1945

Course-betting permits.

24.—(1) The Board may, if in its absolute discretion it so thinks fit, grant to any licensed bookmaker a permit authorising him to carry on the business of a bookmaker at authorised racecourses or in the precincts thereof.

(2) The Board, in its absolute discretion, may, at any time, suspend for such time as it thinks fit or revoke a course-betting permit.

(3) Whenever the Board, in the exercise of its powers under this section, refuses to grant a course-betting permit to a licensed bookmaker or suspends or revokes a course-betting permit held by a licensed bookmaker, the following provisions shall have effect—

(a) the Board shall inform the licensed bookmaker in writing of such refusal, suspension or revocation,

(b) the licensed bookmaker may, within seven days after being so informed, request the Board to afford him an opportunity of making to the Board, in relation to such refusal, suspension or revocation, representations, oral or written, and the Board shall grant any such request.

(4) Where a person to whom a course-betting permit is granted ceases to be a licensed bookmaker, the course-betting permit shall, for the purposes of this Act, be deemed, by virtue of this subsection, to have been revoked upon such cesser.