Electricity (Supply) (Amendment) Act, 1945

Power of the Board to employ contractors.

37.—(1) Whenever the Board are authorised by this Act to execute any engineering, building, or other work whatsoever, the Board may, in lieu of executing such work themselves by their ( own officers and servants, contract with any person (in this Act referred to as a contractor) for the execution of the whole or any part of such work by such person and may for that purpose enter into such contracts and agreements as may be requisite.

(2) Whenever the Board contract under this section with any person for the execution by him of any work, the Board may, by any contract or agreement with such person, delegate to him the right to execute such work under this Act, and thereupon such person shall have, concurrently with the Board, the right to do such work and to exercise such of the powers conferred on the Board by this Act as are necessary for the purpose of doing such work and are specified in that behalf in such contract or agreement.

(3) References in this Act to the doing of any work or thing by the Board shall be construed and have effect as including the doing of such work or thing by a contractor employed and authorised in that behalf by the Board under this section.