Electricity (Supply) (Amendment) Act, 1945

Closing of free gaps in weirs.

21.—(1) The Minister for Agriculture may, if he so thinks proper, at any time by order authorise the Board, for the purpose of acquiring statistical information and the purpose of carrying out scientific investigations or for either of those purposes, to close at such times, during such periods, subject to such conditions, and in such manner as he may specify in such order, the free gap in any specified weir owned by the Board in any river in which the Board has acquired a fishery or fishing right under this Part of this Act.

(2) Whenever the Minister for Agriculture by order under this section authorises the Board to close the free gap in a weir, the following provisions shall apply and have effect, that is to say:—

(a) notwithstanding anything contained in the Fisheries Acts, 1842 to 1944, it shall be lawful for the Board to close such free gap under and in accordance with such order;

(b) section 10 of the Fisheries (Ireland) Act, 1845, shall not apply in respect of any obstruction placed in such free gap by the Board under and in accordance with such order.