S.I. No. 350/1944 - Statistics (Census of Production) Order, 1944.




The Minister for Industry and Commerce, in exercise of the powers conferred on him by sub-section (1) of section 16 of the Statistics Act, 1926 (No. 12 of 1926), and of every and any other power him in this behalf enabling, hereby orders as follows :—

1. This Order may be cited as the Statistics (Census of Production) Order, 1944.

2. The Interpretation Act, 1937 (No. 38 of 1937), applies to this Order.

3. This Order applies to each of the following undertakings, that is to say, the industries, trades and businesses specified in Part I of the Schedule hereto.

4. Statistics (in this Order referred to as the statistics) relating to the undertakings to which this Order applies shall be collected in the year 1945 of the several matters set out in Part II of the Schedule hereto.

5. The person by whom returns are to be made and information is to be given, for the purpose of the statistics, in respect of any undertaking to which this Order applies, shall be the person by whom the undertaking is carried on.




Food, Drink and Tobacco.

Manufacture of :—Bread, Biscuits and Flour Confectionery ; Sugar Confectionery and Jam ; Sugar ; Preserved Fish, Fruit and Vegetables ; Pickles and Sauces ; Butter, Cheese, Condensed and Dried Milk and Margarine ; Aerated Waters, Cider, Cordials and Cognate Liquors ; Tobacco.

Grain Milling Trade ; Fish Curing Trade ; Bacon Curing, Preserved Meat and Sausage Trades ; Brewing Trade ; Malting Trade ; Spirit Distilling and Rectifying of Spirits Trade.


Manufacture of :—Linen and Cotton Goods ; Woollen and Worsted Goods ; Silk, Artificial Silk and Poplin Goods ; Lace and Embroidery ; Hosiery Goods ; Jute and Hemp Goods ; Canvas Goods and Sacks ; Rope, Twine and Nets ; Elastics ; Boot Laces.

Fibre, Horsehair and Feather Trades ; Bleaching, Dyeing and Finishing of Textiles (not Apparel) Trade.


Manufacture of :—Clothing ; Boots and Shoes ; Corsets ; Underclothing (not Hosiery) ; Hats, Bonnets and Caps ; Umbrellas and Walking Sticks.

Wood and Timber.

Manufacture of :—Furniture ; Cabinetware, Upholstery ; Baskets and Wicker Work ; Wooden Crates, Boxes, Cases and Trunks.

Timber and Sawmilling Trade ; Coopering Trade.

Metals and Metal Manufactures.

Manufacture of :—Iron and Steel ; Tinplate ; Metals other than Iron and Steel; Tools and Implements ; Hardware, Hollow-ware and Bedsteads ; Jewellery, Goldsmiths' Ware, Silversmiths' Ware and Electro-plated Ware ; Watches and Clocks ; Optical Goods and Scientific Instruments, Appliances and Apparatus.

Blacksmiths' Trades ; Finished Brass Trades ; Engineering Trade ; Heating, Ventilating and Sanitary Engineering Trades ; the Electrical Engineering Trade.

Assembly, Construction and Repair of Vehicles.

Assembly, Construction and Repair of :—Carriages, Carts and Wagons ; Railway Engines, Carriages and Wagons ; Perambulators ; Motor Vehicles, Motor Cycles and Pedal Cycles ; Manufacture of Parts for Vehicles.

Chemicals, Oils and Paints.

Manufacture of :—Paints, Colours and Varnishes ; Soap and Candles ; Oils, Grease and Tallow ; Vegetable Oils and Fats ; Industrial Alcohol ; Fertilisers and Glue ; Starch, Blue, Ink and Polishes.

Chemical and Allied Trades ; Seed Crushing and Animal Food Trades ; Explosives.

Paper and Printing.

Paper and Cardboard-box making Trades ; Wallpaper ; Playing Cards ; Printing and Bookbinding Trades ; Printing and Publication of Newspapers and Periodicals ; Manufactured Stationery Trade ; Electrotyping, Engraving Process-block Making, etc.

Brick, Cement, Glass, Etc.

Manufacture of :—Monumental Masonry and Building Materials ; Cement ; Bricks and Fireclay Goods ; China and Earthenware Goods ; Glass and Glassware ; Statuary ; Whiting.

Hides, Skins and Leather.

Manufacture of :—Leather ; Saddlery and Harness and other Goods of Leather and Imitation Leather ; Furs.

Fellmongery Trade.

Shipbuilding and Boat Building.

Building and Repairing of Ships and Boats.

Generation and Distribution of Gas and Electricity.

Gas Works Undertakings ; Electricity Undertakings.

Other Industries, Trades and Businesses.

Manufacture of :—Artificial Flowers ; Dentures and Denture Bases ; Games, Toys and Sports Requisites ; Musical Instruments ; Wireless Sets ; Articles of Horn or Ivory ; Picture Frames and Fancy Goods ; Brushes and Brooms ; Ice ; Matches; Bakelite Articles ; Floor Coverings (including Linoleum), not of Textile Materials ; Felt Roofing ; Pencils, Crayons, etc. ; Typewriting Requisites ; Rubber Manufactures ; Fibre Attaché and Suit Cases ; Coal Briquettes ; Peat Briquettes ; Charcoal ; Kelp ; Combs ; Buttons ; Tobacco Pipes ; Gramophone Records.

Laundry, Cleaning and Dyeing Trades.

Building and Contracting and Road Construction Trades.

Mining and Quarrying Industries.

Waterworks Undertakings.

Railway Companies Undertakings.

Tramway and Light Railway Undertakings.

Canal Undertakings.

Harbours, Docks and Warehouses Undertakings.

Construction and Maintenance of Works by Local and other Public Authorities, including Buildings, Sewerage and Drainage Works, Waterworks, Harbours and Docks, Highways and Bridges and other works of a like nature.


The subject matter of this Part relates (save where the context otherwise requires) to the year 1944.


No. 1.—General Particulars Regarding Establishment.

(a) Name under which establishment is working.

(b) Nature of industry, trade or business.

(c) Location or postal address of place where goods are manufactured or produced. In cases where the same firm or establishment produces goods at different places not situated in the same town, a separate return may be required for each branch.

(d) Year when first established. If the industry, trade or business changed hands during 1944 dates and particulars of such change are required.

No. 2.—Products Manufactured and Work Performed during the Year.

(a) The quantity and value of each of the principal products given separately.

A specification of all other products and their aggregate total value.

(b) The amounts received for contract work on materials provided by others ; amounts received for repairs done for others.

No. 3.—Materials, Etc., Used.

Quantity and cost at the works of all materials used in producing or manufacturing the products of which particulars are required under No. 2 above, or used in all repair work done during the year ; cost of containers and other packing materials sold with the goods.

No. 4.—Fuel, Electricity, Etc., Used during the Year.

Particulars of the cost at works of the different kinds of fuel, oils and electricity, etc., used during the year are required.

No. 5.—Amounts Paid for Contract Work.

Amounts paid for contract work done by persons other than employees of the establishment, on material furnished by the establishment in connection with the products of which particulars are required under No. 2 above.

No. 6.—Persons Employed.

A.—Number of persons engaged in the industry, trade or business during the week ended 14th October, 1944, or nearest representative date, distinguishing males and females, and those under 18 years of age and those 18 years of age, and over.

Administrative, Clerical and Technical Staff.

(a) Proprietors working in the business.

(b) Salaried employees, including managing directors, managers, clerks, typists, store bookkeepers, travelling agents, and all other salaried employees.

Wage-earners (not Outside Piece-workers).

(c) Industrial workers at the factory, works, etc. (including foremen).

(d) Storekeepers, packers, messengers, porters, carters, etc.

Wage-earners (Outside Piece-workers).

(e) Where, in addition to the above, workers are employed in their own homes, the approximate number employed during the week ended 14th October, 1944.

B.—Total number of wage-earners (not outside piece-workers)—corresponding to (c) and (d) above—actually at work during certain specified weeks in 1944, or nearest representative date.

No. 7.—Salaries and Wages Paid and Hours Worked.

(a) Salaries—Total amount paid during the year to salaried employees, i.e., to such persons of the kind mentioned in No. 6 A (b) (amounts drawn by proprietors working in the business are not to be included).

(b) Wages and Earnings—Wages paid during the year to wage-earners, including outside piece-workers, i.e., to persons of the kind mentioned in No. 6 A (c), (d) and (c), distinguishing payments made to outside piece-workers from payments made to wage-earners who are not outside piece-workers.

(c) Weekly Earnings and Hours Worked—Total earnings of, and hours actually worked by wage-earners (not outside piece-workers) in the year ended 14th October, 1944, distinguishing males and females and those under 18 years of age and those 18 years of age and over.

(d) Distribution of Wage-earners by Earnings—Number of wage-earners (not outside piece-workers) with specified earnings in the week ended 14th October, 1944, or nearest representative date, distinguishing males and females and those under 18 years of age and those 18 years of age and over.

GIVEN under the Official Seal of the Minister for Industry and Commerce this 21st day of December 1944.



Department of Industry and Commerce.