Children's Allowances Act, 1944

Exclusion of children's allowances in reckoning means, etc.

15.—(1) Income from a children's allowance shall not be reckoned—

(a) as means for the purposes of—

(i) the Old Age Pensions Acts, 1908 to 1938, or

(ii) the Unemployment Assistance Acts, 1933 to 1940, or

(iii) the Widows' and Orphans' Pensions Acts, 1935 to 1940, or

(b) for the purposes of any abatement provisions in any enactment relating to superannuation or pensions.

(2) In granting relief, otherwise than in an institution, to a person in receipt of or entitled to receive a children's allowance, a public assistance authority shall not take into consideration any such children's allowance payable, except so far as such children's allowance exceeds five shillings per week.