Finance Act, 1944

Amendment of section 3 of the Finance Act, 1925.

6.Section 3 (which relates to exemption of certain military pensions and gratuities) of the Finance Act, 1925 (No, 28 of 1925), is hereby amended by the insertion therein of the following sub-section section in lieu of sub-section (2) now (by virtue of section 4 of the Finance Act, 1938 (No. 25 of 1938)) contained in the said section 3 , that is to say—

“(2) The wounds and disabilities pensions to which section 16 of the Finance Act, 1919 , applies shall include and be deemed always to have included all wound and disability pensions granted under the Army Pensions Acts, 1923 to 1943, and all gratuities in respect of wounds or disabilities similarly granted, and the said section 16 shall be construed and have effect accordingly.”