Midwives Act, 1944

Attendance of midwives at courses of instruction.

47.—(1) The Board may, by rules made under this Act, require midwives to attend from time to time such courses of instruction as may be approved of by the Board or provided or arranged by them.

(2) Rules for the purposes of this section shall provide that a midwife employed by a local authority shall not be required to attend any course of instruction to which the rules relate except in accordance with the arrangements made by the local authority in pursuance of sub-section (3) of this section.

(3) A local authority by whom a midwife is employed shall, in accordance with such directions as the Minister may give from time to time,—

(a) grant leave of absence to the midwife to attend any course of instruction to which rules for the purposes of this section relate, and

(b) pay a substitute for the midwife during the attendance, and

(c) pay to the midwife travelling expenses in respect of the attendance (including subsistence allowance during the period of the attendance) in accordance with the relevant regulations under sub-section (1) of section 19 of the Local Government Act, 1941 (No. 23 of 1941), and any relevant authorisation under sub-section (3) of that section in like manner as if the attendance was part of the official duties of the midwife.